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Austyn Smith
November 5, 2011

This was done really well. every app was explained with a very brief overview with a good example. The energy you two had amd the narration made it easy to listen to. ( love the family guy video too.) The video seemed a bit long but a little background music would have fixed that. good job

Elisabeth Emery
October 15, 2011

I like how you made your video into a show called "Tech Talk." I also liked how the narration and the video clips of you guys. It made the video a lot more entertaining. Your smiling faces a cute comments helped distract from the fact that the video was long. I also liked how you gave some history about Google and you showed a lot about the applications. I did not even know you could shop through Google.

The only negatives were that audio seemed a bit loud and the video was a little long.

Amanda Harvie
October 13, 2011

Great job girls! I liked how enthusiastic you were because it kept the presentation interesting. Also, your presentation was very informative and covered a lot of material!

My only critiques were, like most people said, the sound quality was a little fuzzy and the presentation got a bit repetitive but those things are hard to avoid so overall you girls did an awesome job!

Allyson Fox
October 12, 2011

Great job! Your video was very informative and had a lot of enthrusiasm, which it important for a subject that can be very dry. I thought your screenrs were easy to follow and understandable.

One thing that can improve is sound quality. At times, it was much louder than other times. I would also work on the intro. Use an anecdote to grab the reader's attention.

Kristofer Kraul
October 12, 2011

I enjoyed this. You did a great job keeping your enthusiasm up and seemed happy which helped make this enjoyable to watch. I also liked that you named it "tech talk." Little catchy things like that amuse me.

I would try to take the cracks out of the audio with Audacity or a similar program. While I did like the color tone for the background in shots with you two in it, I feel like it could have been a little better. Maybe angle the camera over a bit so that the door isn't in the frame. Other than that, great job!

Brandon Beaudoin
October 11, 2011

This was very informative. I really liked your presentation in general because I am a true fan of google, then again, who isnt? I liked how you touched on the variety of apps they have.

For my criticism, I would say this: don't show your inbox! I saw your new password to "LSAC" right on the subject line. Protect yourself guys! Overall though, the video was great!

Lexi Pomerance
October 11, 2011

Great job! You guys were both very enthusiastic and easy to watch. It seemed very organized as well.

The only thing I would improve is maybe have a funny hook or humorous clip somewhere in the presentation to break things up a bit.

Rachel Miller
October 11, 2011

I thought the video was very informative and included a lot more information than any of the other videos. I also loved that you guys were so happy!

My only critique would be that the video was a little long, but you did have a lot of information to cover. The sound quality was a little poor in some parts, but everyone else's has been so far too. Great job!

Rebecca Blitch
October 11, 2011

Nice Job! I loved your energy throughout the video and you did a great job of explaining each app!

The only critique I have is that after a while it got a little repetitive talking about each app. I probably would have incorporated how to use each app in the classroom after the explaination with some sort of different animation.
Awesome job!

Emily Robertson
October 11, 2011

Great video! Ya'll did a great job of explaining each of the applications

The only critique i have is that the sound quality wasn't the best at some points, but other than that I really liked the video!

Jessica Smith
October 11, 2011

You girls did a great job being thorough with the many apps and explained everything very well.
I would have liked to hear a little more about how all of the apps can be incorporated in to the classroom and maybe a little more detail on some apps rather than covering so many.

Great job overall!

Kyesia Shavers
October 11, 2011

I really enjoyed this video. I thought you explained the tutorials well and even taught me how to do things I didnt know. I also liked the enthusiasm you showed before you discussed each app (i.e google shopping and how its great for ladies).

My only qualms would be that after a while it got tiring hearing about so many apps at what one. Some kind of humor clip or something would have been great to keep the viewer engaged. I also noticed that the voiceovers on screenr were kind of hazy, but otherwise your audio was great!

Tori Nelson
October 11, 2011

I liked how many apps you were able to go over and the plethora of information given for each app. The video had really good flow and kept my attention.

For improvement, the audio seemed to be "fuzzy", having a lot of static. I would also delete the brief screen that showed screenr in the beginning of each video clip.

Alison Schultheis
October 10, 2011

Great video! I really enjoyed all of the examples that you used and how you even included a little history about Google in the beginning. I think that it was an entertaining video that I was interested in watching!

The only critique I have is the sound quality in some parts. But like everyone is saying, that is more of an issue with Screenr. Overall, I think that y'all did a great job!

Rachel Wolf
October 9, 2011

I really like how you explained the most used/important google apps. It was helpful that you had visuals of how to use each of the apps as well. I also loved your energy which will help keep people engaged.

The only criticism I have is the sound was a little fuzzy and loud, but I think that is more of an issue with screenr. Great job!

Alyssa Prats
October 5, 2011

You girls are adorable! You were very enthusiastic and excited so it kept me interested the whole time. And you explained how to use all of the most popular google apps.

I keep writing "sound quality" on everyone's critiques only because the screenr program doesn't appear to provide great sound. However, no fault of yours! I really enjoyed it!

nikki naylor
October 4, 2011

i thought the video was done very well. it did a great job of going into detail by explaining and showing several of the google apps avaliable. my only complaint would have to be the sound in some areas. other than that great job!!

Thomas Morrell
October 4, 2011

The commentary was really interesting and the two students kept the presentation interesting with their individual personality types. Liked how all facets of Google were covered.

It would have been more enjoyable if a couple clips were integrated throughout and maybe something different happened after each application was explained. After a while it got a little repetitve and predictable.

Joshua Ray
October 4, 2011

Very solid video. Each app was explained thoroughly. The audio in some of the other videos has been off, but your audio works well.
The only complaint I have is that your topic seems a little broad, but it could just be the nature of what you had to do. Each app has specific uses for education, so it seems that listing them is a little random.

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