Who are you?

What are your challenges?

What are your bad habits?

What are your strengths?

What are your goals?

Where are you going?

This curriculum set is for 9th grade English, 1st term. This is a complete curriculum for term 1 as all assignments are contained herein using documents, assignments, open source books, or service based learning.

You will read Little Women or Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott and then turn in assignments which will include including journaling, character examination, self-examination, and goal setting. You will also complete daily grammar studies.

At any time for extra credit you may complete a service learning based task by recording a short story or poem for Librivox. You can record anything found on Gutenberg. Send your teacher a link to your recording and a description of what you read when you are finished.

You may also help tutor someone in reading, writing, or language skills for two 1/2 hour sessions. Write a paragraph about what you did and what materials you used and email it to your teacher.

You should complete approximately 1 assignment each week (two weeks for assignment #7) to finish the term on time.

Assignment #1:

Study the following links about the 6 traits of writing

Now, using the 6 traits of writing, introduce yourself to me. Who are you? What are your goals? Where are you going?

Read a short biography of Louisa May Alcott so you can understand where she is coming from and who she is speaking to.

Also, choose one of these novels and start reading.

Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott (a librivox recording) (text)

Little Men, by Louisa May Alcott ( a librivox recording) (text)

Read chapters 1-8 for Little Women and 1-4 for Little Men

Study lessons 1-5 on Daily Grammar, Verbs
And, Schoolhouse Rock

Assignment #2
Read chapters 9-17 for Little Women and 5-9 for Little Men

In Little Women Marmee says, “Money is a needful and precious thing,—and, when well used, a noble thing,—but I never want you to think it is the first or only prize to strive for. I'd rather see you poor men's wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented, than queens on thrones, without self- respect and peace.”

Paper due: What do you think of this statement? Is money needful? Is money the only prize to strive for? Is there anything you would rather have than money?

In Little Men Mr. Baher states, "I hope the experiment will turn out well, but I am a little afraid it may cost too much."

Paper due: How does Mr. Baher tame the “wild boy”, Dan? Do you agree with his methods? What challenges does Dan have and how does he start to change? Can you relate to either Dan or Mr. Baher?

Remember to use the 6 traits rubric to evaluate your paper before you turn it in.

Study lessons 6-10 in Daily Grammar, Verbs

Assignment #3
Read chapters 18-29 for Little Women and 10-14 for Little Men

Paper due: Write a short summary for each of these chapters

Assignment #4

Read chapters 30-38 for Little Women and 15-19 for Little Men

Pick a character, write a journal entry as if you were that character using the questions from this link.

Play Grammar Gorillas
Study lessons 11-15 in Daily Grammar, Verbs

Assignment #5
Read chapters 39-47 for Little Women and 20-21 for Little Men

Study the following links about writing a summary
Paper due: Write a short summary for these chapters.

Study lessons 16-20 in Daily Grammar, Nouns
And Schoolhouse Rock

Assignment #6:

Now that you know all of your characters backwards and forwards, write a paragraph sketch about each main character. What was your first impression of each character? What were the major events that effected changes in each character? (sample character traits)

Study lessons 21-25 in Daily Grammar, pronouns
And Schoolhouse Rock

Assignment #7

Study the links above and then impress me! Using the 6 traits of writing tell me about a character from the novel that you chose. Who is that character and where is he going? Did your character have a change in thought from the beginning to the end of your novel? What were your character’s goals and did he accomplish them? How are you like or unlike your character? What would you do that was similar or different to achieve your goals?

Turn in this paper as well as one other project. Here are some suggestions...

Draw a picture that illustrates a poignant scene from the novel

Make a diorama

Host a radio interview between two characters

Make a power point presentation

Study lessons 26-30 in Daily Grammar, pronouns


Congratulations, you are ready to begin term 2!



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