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The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is one of the largest financial bailouts in history, and yet nobody seems to know where the money went. Here is a visual breakdown of where your money is being spent.


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SOC.9-12.SS.912.E.2.1: Social Studies

Identify and explain broad economic goals.

SOC.9-12.SS.912.E.2.5: Social Studies

Analyze how capital investments may impact productivity and economic growth.

SOC.9-12.SS.912.E.2.9: Social Studies

Analyze how changes in federal spending and taxation affect budget deficits and surpluses and the national debt.
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This resource is a link to a NY Times graphic from 2008 that provides an overview of Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It could be used in any classroom that is examining the financial crisis. Although created in 2008, the content is still relevant and could easily be supplemented with current information either teacher-directed or as a follow-up assignment.
Teddy Kamburov
May 19, 2011

I think this chart is a really great breakdown of the TARP money! It is interesting to note the graphics that symbolize $700 billion in comparison to relief money donated to Haiti and how much it would cost to provide health insurance to all Americans. The circle denoting the TARP money is huge in comparison to all others, including how much it would cost to provide clean drinking water to the world! It really puts the issue into a global perspective. It makes me wonder what other awesome accomplishments we could have made with $700 billion dollars.

Jillian Kistler
May 18, 2011

I sort of understood what TARP was from the readings, but this cleared it up as well as provided a great little extra bit of information on the side about who has paid back bail out money and who has not. Again this was a great choice for clarification for people whose minds are not fluent in economics and have difficulty navigating the acronyms and keeping everything straight. The only improvement would be to make it animated, but that is for the author.

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