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Many words and phrases that we use every day were coined by Shakespeare. He is credited with inventing over 2,000 words and expressive phrases.


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3.2.4: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Perform dance movement sequences using different dynamics (energy) to reflect different, ideas, feelings, and meanings.

3.2.4: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Experiment with digital technologies to create art (e.g., CDs, computer software, digital photography).

3.2.4: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Describe how changing speed and changing direction can allow one person to move freely.

3.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards for Science

Identify fossils and describe how they provide evidence about the plants and animals that lived long ago and the nature of their environment at that time.

3.2.4: Indiana Academic Standards for Health & Wellness

Discuss how the school can support personal health behaviors.

3.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Explain that the United States has different levels of government (local, state and national) and that each has special duties and responsibilities.

3.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Use correct names for classroom instruments including those from world cultures.

3.2.4: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Recall major points in the text and make and revise predictions about what is read.

3.2.4: Louisiana PreK-Grade 12 Social Studies

Identify cultural elements that have contributed to the state's heritage

3.2.4: Maryland English Core Learning Goals

The student will describe regional and social language differences.

3.2.4: Maine Federal, State, and Local Accountability Standards - Science and Technology

Students describe ways organisms depend upon, interact within, and change the living and non-living environment as well as ways the environment affects organisms.

3.2.4: Social Studies High School Content Expectations v.10.07

Explain the role of the Bill of Rights and each of its amendments in restraining the power of government over individuals. (See USHG F1.1)

3.2.4: Social Studies High School Content Expectations v.10.07

Monetary Policy and International Trade – Analyze how the decisions made by a country's central bank (or the Federal Reserve) impact a nation's international trade.

3.2.4: North Dakota Health Content Standards

Identify the differences between communicable and non-communicable illnesses and diseases (e.g., communicable: cold, flu, strep throat; non-communicable: asthma, allergies, cancer)
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