Introduction: The inspiration for a WebQuest on World War I came from a previous teacher's lesson that involved a role-playing game about World War I. However, the idea of creating a newspaper on World War I was from students at West Chester University. By using a newspaper as a project, we were able to involve the creativity and intuition that we all had for thinking "outside the box" as well as being able to fulfill our goal of developing and enhancing skills involved with working in teams. The purpose of this lesson is for students to comprehend the details of World War I, but more importantly be able to realize the main events that took place during this war, the vital roles that specific people played during this war, as well as to use their understanding about the outcome of the war and aims of the countries in order to assess the results and predict how these results affect each country for the future, more importantly the United States. Also, students will be able to make correlations between these events and events/actions that happened after World War I. The tasks involved are to pick the key events and major contributions of people of the Great War and summarize these results as if they truly were writing a newspaper. They will work in groups to not only accomplish the task of creating a newspaper that best provides other students with key events, but also their own opinions about these events, which may differ from other students. Group work will allow students to enhance their interpersonal skills, skills that are vital to future success. This project has addressed several intelligences. First off, interpersonal intelligence occurs because this project requires teamwork and communication with other members in your group to accomplish your task. The linguistic intelligence is vital to this project, as writing the articles and presenting the newspaper to this class require proper grammar and linguistics. For the artists, spatial intelligence is used to create political cartoons and propaganda that are pleasing and persuasive. This lesson requires the more abstract and higher level thinking used in formal operational stage in cognitive thinking levels. By creating a newspaper, students are required to take what they have learned on World War I, and then write an article as if they were in the United States in 1918 after the war ended. This requires students to think abstractly by temporarily role playing as a citizen in the United States in 1918.


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World War I EDM 300



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