This guide offers a curriculum for the Languages Other Than English instruction of American Sign Language. The course is designed for students who have completed ASL 4H successfully and have opted to further their linguistic and cultural understanding of American Sign Language and the Deaf community at the 12th grade level. It is a one-year course that will culminate with a final project in June. This course incorporates the New York State Standards and the National Standard for Languages other than English. The curriculum encompasses authentic readings, advanced grammar, expressive and receptive comprehension, and extensive practice in signing and interpreting in a variety of situations. Every effort is made to provide the students with as many authentic materials/situations to familiarize them with the target language and culture. Videos, DVD’s, newspapers, books, professional publications, TV programs and magazine articles are used to further language acquisition and cultural understanding. The LOTE department has chosen to use a compilation of various commercial texts written by leading authorities in the field of American Sign Language and interpreting. We feel that these texts best prepare the students to achieve the goals of this course and the state and national standards.


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This is a thoughtful and well-constructed unit of data gathering and data analysis that should be interesting to 5th grade students. It provides opportunities for students to reflect on open questions without being driven to a single right answer. The distinction between first and second hand data is evidently confusing to students and is explored at some length.

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