In an introductory letter, students are asked to help develop a warning poster and pH scale of the items in their kitchen. In order to accomplish this, students will need to learn about acids, bases, and pH levels. Several labs and activities, as well as notes, help students to develop the knowledge needed to complete the final project, the poster.


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On a scale of 0 to 3

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In this comprehensive two week unit, late elementary students (grades 3 – 8) will use a variety of activities to investigate household acids and bases. Lab activities invite students to investigate displacement, conservation of mass, and pH levels using household materials such as baking soda, vinegar and red cabbage juice. An inquiry lab using antacids is included, and the unit culminates in a final project in which students create a poster for his or her kitchen illustrating the pH levels of various household products. This resource includes references to national (USA) standards, a rationale, suggested cross-curricular integration ideas, and a detailed procedure, as well as all notes and handouts necessary for each activity. Lab activities stress data collection and analysis throughout. This resource also includes a form for peer review of student lab reports, a final project assessment, and an end-of-unit reflection. After supplies are initially gathered, this excellent unit can be immediately useful in the classroom.
Jill Golden
Very clever experiments, well done

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