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This is an adverb lesson plan for introduction to this topic.


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adverbs; language arts



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On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 2, as of 2015-08-28.

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This lesson plan provides clear objectives to help students learn about adverbs. The plan refers to a streaming video by United Streaming about adverbs, but there is no link to that resource. The lesson plan offers directions for a great version of the game charades, offering an opportunity for active engagement for the students. Reference is made to other supplementary resources available on Curriki.
Myesha Suckra
May 1, 2014

The lesson was very detailed! I think the student will have fun with this activity since it is charades. I would just say that your instructions is a bit lengthy so maybe breaking it up into smaller pieces will help. I like how you used bullet points for the objective. It was pretty clear. I also like that at the end that you will give students a worksheet to work on independently to see who still needs help. Overall, pretty good lesson plan.

James Martingano
March 20, 2014

The lesson is very interactive! The lesson needs some modifications for students with an IEP. If a student has a physical disability that keeps them from being able to participate in charades, technology could be utilized in order to allow them to participate. The worksheet is a good idea after the educational game because you're using the worksheet as a means to give individualized resource to all the students. You may have some time constraints with this lesson, so I would layout how long each activity is going to take before you have to move on to the next topic of the day.

The charades game that was utilized is an active and cooperative meaningful attribute of learning because it keeps students engaged with their environment by having to use their body to convey an adverb and it makes the students work in groups to play the game. The level of integration would be at the entry level because a laptop and tv are required to complete the task as a video on adverbs is viewed to teach material.

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