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This NEH-funded exhibit offers a look at founding father Alexander Hamilton. The site features historical artifacts, virtual tours of Hamilton's life in New York and New Jersey, a document database, and a comprehensive timeline.


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1.8.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Health & Wellness

Assist peers to make positive choices.

1.8.2: Indiana's Academic Standards for Visual Art

Create a work of art utilizing concepts, subject matter, or the sign systems, such as words or numbers, of another discipline.

1.8.2: Indiana's Academic Standards Music

Describe the importance of activities such as listening, reading, and moving that occur in music class and other curricular areas.

1.8.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Dance

Identify a variety of dance career opportunities.

1.8.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Theatre

Imitate or create people, creatures, or things based on observation.

1.8.2: Indiana Academic Standards for Visual Arts

Discriminate between types of shape (geometric and organic), colors (primary and secondary), lines (characteristics and qualities), textures (tactile and visual), and space (placement/overlapping/composition), in their work and the works of others.

1.8.2: Nevada Physical Education Content Standards

Describe and apply the advanced elements (i.e. speed) of movement forms and game strategies (i.e., softball game situation).

1.8.2: Nevada Health Content Standards

Identify personal behaviors that affect the development and functioning of the body systems.

1.8.2: Nevada Arts Standards - Music

Sing a repertoire of vocal literature in small and large ensembles with expression, technical accuracy, and breath control.

1.8.2: Nevada Arts Standards - Theater

Direct actors or be directed by others using stage direction vocabulary.

1.8.2: Nevada Arts Standards - Visual Arts

Analyze one's own selection and use of media, techniques, and processes to elicit intended responses.

1.8.2: South Dakota Health Education Standards

Describe the interrelationships of emotional, mental, physical, and social health in adolescence.
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