Year End Review Game Audience: • 7th and 8th grade Algebra students • Most of the students are regular ed. students, there may be 1-4 special ed. students Timeline: • A week to do the review game • Additional three days to do a practice core test Materials: • Review PowerPoint • Eggspert buzzers • Each student will need several pieces of paper and a pencil • Practice Core Test taken from UTIPS Goals: The students will play a review game to prepare for the math core test. Following the review game the students will take a practice core test taken from UTIPS.

Procedure: The teacher will start by explaining the rules and splitting the class into 6 teams. Rule 1: Everyone needs to participate in the game, there needs to be a rotation for who is answering the problems. One person cannot be the only person going up to the buzzers. Rule 2: The first person to press their buzzer for their team will have to give the teacher the answer to the question immediately after the teacher recognizes that the buzzer has been pressed. Rule 3: If the person at the buzzer gets the answer wrong, that person’s team can save the point if someone in the team can correctly answer the question. Rule 4: If the question is still not answered correctly another team may buzz in and anyone in the buzzed in team can answer the question to get the point. Once the class understands the rules (there will be time for the students to ask questions if they need to) and is split into 6 groups, the class will play the game that is a PowerPoint projected onto the projection screen in front of the class. The game will take about a week to complete. After the game is played the students will take a practice core test that will be made using the question bank for each standard on UTIPS. After the test is completed, which may take up to 3 days, the teacher will have the students correct their own test. The remainder of time left before the core test will be devoted to questions the students had from the test.

Technology Involved: The technologies involved in this lesson are a projector, PowerPoint, Eggspert buzzers, and UTIPS. I think that the projected PowerPoint is very important, so the whole class can see and read each question on the review game, which makes the projector essential. The Eggspert buzzers makes the game more fun for the students and easier for the teacher to know which group was first to buzz in. The test that was made using the question bank on the Utah Algebra core on UTIPS is very easy for the teacher to make and to give to the students. The teacher will choose 5 questions from each objective to make the test. Using the questions from the Utah Algebra core on UTIPS insures that all of the standards were taught and understood.


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