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Students will learn how to gather information and create nonfiction written communication by exploring a variety of information resources about their town. They will use different information-gathering techniques, from reading brochures and web sites to conducting interviews. Students will synthesize information by collecting facts about important and interesting places in town, choosing one place to write about, and then selecting the relevant information about that place to include in a paragraph. Students will use technology to create a presentation that shows the information they discovered. They will also create a brochure that showcases their chosen area of the community.


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  • Grade 3
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'P' - This is a trusted Partner resource
Kayla McIntosh
April 27, 2014

This particular lesson plan incorporates multiple facets of meaningful learning and enga-gement!!! What I find intriguing, is how it not only encompasses educational technolog-y but also incorporates it, with Microsoft Power point, digital imaging, and other technol-ogical tools. This "All About Our Town" lesson plan contains valid resources, websites, rubrics, and even allocated parent letters. The instructions are clear, concise, and the time-span for the plan is both appropriate and flexible. I like how the plan outlines the p-rocedures of the lesson: engage, explore, evaluate, etc. The only aspect of the lesson that's missing, would be modifications for IEP students. I really like the brochure comp-onent of the assignment, which requires the students to research and gather resources. Technology is appropriately implemented within this lesson, and all of the necessary materials are provided/documented.

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