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The Prezi has questions, quotes, information, and political cartoons that pertain directly to the book, All the Devils are Here. This Prezi is meant to guide a structured discussion of the book as well as get at the bigger questions of the financial crisis of 2008.


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Learning Objects Financial Crisis Economics All the Devils are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis



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SOC.9-12.SS.912.E.1.14: Social Studies

Compare credit, savings, and investment services available to the consumer from financial institutions.

SOC.9-12.SS.912.E.1.15: Social Studies

Describe the risk and return profiles of various investment vehicles and the importance of diversification.

SOC.9-12.SS.912.E.2.1: Social Studies

Identify and explain broad economic goals.

SOC.9-12.SS.912.E.2.5: Social Studies

Analyze how capital investments may impact productivity and economic growth.
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Kristina Grogan
May 22, 2011

What I liked most about your Prezi was the way in which you guys chose to tackle the book by first introducing general questions about the financial crisis and then delving deeper into the authors' perspective of who is to blame for the mess as a whole. All of the questions led to an interesting Elluminate discussion with everyone chiming in with their two cents. The range and level of the questions asked was on par with our graduate program, which I think was the reason for our meaty conversation on Thursday morning. However, due to that fact this individual Prezi would not be appropriate for a secondary classroom because I think it would be too far over students' heads, even for seniors. I think Tully was also on to something when she said she would incorporate more graphics and videos to draw students in and keep them engaged. Other than those two things, I thoroughly enjoyed our class discussion and it's all thanks to your group's thought provoking Prezi! Great job guys!

Tully Clark
May 20, 2011

I really like the questions and points of discussion your group included in this Prezi. They were very pertinent to the main themes of the book and did a good job of facilitating our discussion about these themes. I think for the purposes of our graduate class, it was entirely appropriate. However, if I was using this Prezi along with a discussion in a secondary classroom, I would probably make the prezi a little more entertaining to keep students' attention by using more graphics, maybe embedding videos or website links in the Prezi, that kind of thing. Again, excellent resource w/ great questions, just maybe could be made a little more fun for use with high school or middle school students.

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