Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon Lesson Plan Aid

Author: Paula Danziger

Subject: Best friend must move away, life changes

Setting: USA, contemporary

Amber and Justin have been best friends since they started school together. When Justin and his family must move away because of his father s new job, Justin deals with his fears by hiding his feelings. Amber is hurt and the two friends stop speaking, but they are reconciled before Justin moves away.

Lexile Measure: 720L
Grade Level: 3
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Realistic
Gender of Character: Female

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In the story, Amber Brown is really tired of being teased about her name. It is a "pet peeve," which means it is something that really annoys Amber. What is a pet peeve that you have? Write a paragraph describing your pet peeve.

An ordinary appearance can mask hidden strengths and weaknesses. Amber Brown is certainly a memorable character. The author has done a good job describing Amber's appearance and personality. Write a paragraph describing Amber.

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