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This is an 8th grade American History unit constructed around a central question: At what point should the U.S. take action to settle foreign conflicts? The unit focuses on the Unites State's rise to power at the beginning of the 20th century and serves to scaffold student learning so they are able to evaluate US foreign policy with respect to the cases of Somalia and Rwanda.


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US Rise to Power Spanish-American War Roosevelt Corollary Rwandan Genocide



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U.S. History
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This is a well-thought out mini-unit with detailed day to day procedures for each activity. The lessons examine the complex case-studies of US involvement in Somalia and Rwanda by watching documentaries, reading excerpts, filling in a graphic organizer, participating in partner debates, and finally writing an individual position paper. The lesson plan makes reference to having prior knowledge of the Spanish-American War which would be valuable but the activities could be done as a general discussion of US involvement around the world or with other specific events such as US involvement in WWI or WWII or the Persian Gulf War or the current War in Iraq. While the lesson is very detailed, not all of the materials are provided. Much of the content comes from the PBS websites that are referenced, however, it would be necessary for a teacher to create notes, the graphic organizer, and any other student handouts for in-class questions or homework assignments. A final note, there is mention of time for prayer each day so depending on one’s religious affiliation, you may or may not include it as part of the lesson.

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