Their Eyes Were Watching God

Anticipation Guide
Chapters 1-6

Use this anticipation guide BEFORE you begin reading Chapters 1-6 of Their Eyes Were Watching God. This exercise will help you draw on your background knowledge and begin to see how your own point of view will effect the way you interpret the text. As a result you will be better able to anticipate the big ideas presented in these chapters.


  • Discuss your beliefs about these statements with your classmates and teacher.
  • OPTIONAL: AFTER reading Chapters 1-6, go back and review your work here to see if your opinions have changed.

StatementAgreeDisagreeReason why
The people who watch you and make comments about you behind your back generally have your best interests at heart.
Men and women have different experiences of their dreams about the future.
It is usually envy that drives people to gossip about each other.
A person’s racial identity is shaped entirely by how others perceive them.
Marriage always has at least something to do with love.
A marriage is easier when someone else picks who you will marry.
At least one person in your family should approve of who you marry.
If a man can support a woman financially, he cannot really ask her to work for him.
A man who has a business that employs his wife is entitled to treat her anyway he wants to.
It’s normal to keep feelings hidden from the person you marry.

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