The following is my collection of materials for teaching Sophocles' play Antigone to a 10th grade English class. I teach from McDougal-Littel's text The Language of Literature, so some items are indicative of this. This collection includes activities, study guides, projects, quizzes, tests, and answer keys. This resource is part of the English 10 course.


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Greek Drama Gender Bias



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English 10
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LA.12.1.2: English Language Arts

Explaining use of allusions

LA.12.1.3: English Language Arts

Interpreting irony

LA.12.1.4: English Language Arts

Analyzing poetry for rhyme schemes

LA.12.1.5: English Language Arts

Identifying use of parody

LA.12.1.6: English Language Arts

Analyzing major historical developments in language and literature in the British Isles

LA.12.2.2: English Language Arts

Recognizing faulty logic or organization

LA.12.2.3: English Language Arts

Analyzing charts and tables for conclusions

LA.12.3.2: English Language Arts

Distinguishing between parallel plots and circular plots

LA.12.4: English Language Arts

Identify literary elements in British literary selections from various genres.

LA.12.5: English Language Arts

Determine word meaning in British literature using word structure and context clues.

LA.12.6: English Language Arts

Compare the writing styles of two or more British authors.

LA.12.7.1: English Language Arts

Editing drafts for appropriate style

LA.12.7.2: English Language Arts

Developing an effective voice suitable for audience and purpose

LA.12.8: English Language Arts

Demonstrate appropriate use of ellipses, parentheses, hyphens and suspended hyphens, hyphenation of number-and-noun modifiers, slashes, and use of commas with subordinate clauses and nominative absolutes.

LA.12.9: English Language Arts

Revise drafts to increase sentence complexity.

LA.12.10.2: English Language Arts

Editing drafts to avoid plagiarism

LA.12.11.2: English Language Arts

Using available technology for various communication purposes including multimedia presentations

LA.12.12: English Language Arts

Evaluate oral presentation skills of self and others for effectiveness.

LA.12.13: English Language Arts

Analyze nonprint media for use of propaganda.

LA.10. 1.6.B: Language Arts

rely on context to determine meanings of words and phrases such as figurative language, [idioms,] multiple-meaning words, and technical vocabulary;

LA.10. 1.6.C: Language Arts

apply meanings of prefixes, roots, and suffixes in order to comprehend;

LA.10. 1.6.E: Language Arts

use reference material such as glossary, dictionary, [thesaurus, and available technology] to determine precise meanings and usage.

LA.10. 1.7.F: Language Arts

produce summaries of texts by identifying main ideas and their supporting details.

LA.10. 1.8.B: Language Arts

read in varied sources such as diaries, journals, textbooks, maps, newspapers, letters, speeches, memoranda, [electronic texts, and other media].
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This excellent unit is complete and thorough. The content for teaching Antigone is engaging and useful. There are many kinds of stellar lessons, including a survey, a movie, comparison, poster making, etc. The Jeopardy PPT review is creative and fun as are the other ideas for making Antigone relevant. The pedagogy reveals consideration of best practice. The explanations, sequence of the lessons, and opportunities for extension and differentiation are also included.
Amanda Marie
November 4, 2010
THANK YOU!!! I am teaching three different English classes for the first time each, so I am struggling my way through, but i borrrowed your study guide and parts of…
Anna Batchelder
June 27, 2009

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