From the Abstract: "This Brief examines the role of developmental assessment, the validity of the most common assessments currently in use, and emerging directions in assessment policy and practice. Alternative methods of assessment—particularly those involving multiple measures of student preparedness—seem to have the potential to improve student outcomes, but more research is needed to determine what type of change in assessment and placement policy might improve persistence and graduation rates. The Brief concludes with a discussion of implications for policy and research."

Amongst the conclusions: "The student assessments most commonly in use (COMPASS and ACCUPLACER) seem to be reasonably valid predictors of students’ grades in college-level courses, at least in math when students are expected to earn a B or higher in the target course… the placement recommendations generated by these tests do not clearly improve student outcomes. This suggests a mismatch between interventions and assessments.

Alternative approaches to assessment may have the potential to improve student outcomes…"

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