Journal Entry:

Students should write a journal entry answering the following questions:

  1. Who does the grocery shopping at home? Do you ever get to help pick food out?
  2. What did you learn about reading nutrition labels that you can share with your family or caregivers?
  3. Do you think you will take the time to make sure you are only eating one serving of a food or drink at a time? Do think that you normally eat more than one serving at a time?
  4. Describe a meal or snack that you eat on a regular basis. Make a guess or prediction about the serving sizes for those foods. Next time you have that snack or meal, come back to this journal entry and write at least three sentences about what you found out about the foods that you eat a lot.

Additional Assessment: Nutrition Label Math

If time allows for some extra practice with the math needed to read a food label. Have the students do the problems on the next page.

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