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Introduction This is a course of lessons and practice on the system of English. It is divided into eighty-six sections. Each section covers an area of basic grammar and contains a number of exercises. The exercises are not all the same length. Some exercises have only five questions, but others have up to nine questions. This is because some areas of grammar are more important than others. This course tests your knowledge of English grammar and, more importantly, it gives you practice in using your knowledge to make correct and appropriate sentences. When you do the exercises, you will see that grammar is not just a game. Grammar has meaning - if you change some of the grammar in a sentence, you also change its meaning. This collection contains 13 units: 1. The Basic Sentence 2. Questions 3. Verbs 4. The Passive 5. The Noun Phrase 6. Types of Sentences 7. Adjectives and Adverbs 8. Comparison 9. When? 10. Where? 11. How and Why? 12. Connecting Ideas 13. Supplemental Material Almost all 99 of the lessons found in these units have at least one practice exercise so that you can reinforce the skills you just learned.


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"ESL sentence subject verb word order first person second person third person verb lexical verb auxiliary verb present tense past tense verb formations short forms be will not would have question words be subject questions affirmative sentences negative sentences tag questions direct questions indirect questions reported questions exclamations verb verb form base form -s form -ing form past form past participle be auxiliary verb do have imperative present simple affirmative statements negative s



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Ska Granger
The Athabasca University ESL course has helped me to effectively teach English to French speaking students.It is easily understood and the first unit establishes the basic pattern of good sentence…

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