"This unit is is designed to acquaint you with topics relating to noun phrases. Upon completion of this unit you will be familiar with: nouns and noun phrases, plurals of unit nouns, mass nouns, proper nouns, verbal nouns, the genitive, personal pronouns, the use of a/an/some/any, the use of the, nouns without the, articles, the use of this/that/these/those, mass and unit in sentences, quantity, the use of both/either/neither, the use of one, and relative clauses."


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"ESL sentence subject verb word order first person second person third person verb lexical verb auxiliary verb present tense past tense verb formations short forms be will not would have question words be subject questions affirmative sentences negative sentences tag questions direct questions indirect questions reported questions exclamations verb verb form base form -s form -ing form past form past participle be auxiliary verb do have imperative present simple affirmative statements negative s



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