This is a video demonstrating the mechanics, use, and influence of augmented reality. I apologize for the audio. My mic was not working properly and I had lost my voice. And something weird happened when the video was uploaded so it's small but it will do. I hope you enjoy the video though.


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Daniela Alvarado
October 9, 2011

I really liked how the examples were very appropriate to our age group, like the Gator game. It made me understand how it is used in almost every day life.
The audio made it really hard to understand what you were trying to explain. I also think the information was giving too fast, Im still not a 100% sure how Augmented reality can help in the classroom?

Angelica Domenech
October 9, 2011

The use of the video clips to portray software was really useful to educate someone like me on a concept that I did not previously know about. I liked how simple it was to follow each animation.

The sound was definitely an issue, and combined with the music was almost had to understand at times. I did not like the still frames at the end as much as the animations from the beginning.

Yarelis Serrano
October 9, 2011

I think that your use of technology was really great. The graphics were really well made; your use of visual representations makes it easy for observers to see the information you are trying convey. Your explanation of what Augmented Reality is, was very clear and concise; i understood what information.

The sound quality could have been improved, as it was kind of difficult for me to understand what you were saying. Maybe checking how the sound is on the video before you make it final would have been good. Furthermore, sometimes the video quality was kind of delayed. It would slow down in some parts, and be a little blurry; perhaps there was some kind of problem with the video-making program.


Isabella Jebian
October 9, 2011

First off - augmented reality: awesome.

I really enjoyed this video, aside from its content. The music in the background was not too much, it was just right for me. The narrator was talking at a good pace. No text in the video other than the questions as transitions. I think you guys did a great job in using the images to support the narrator's points.

The only improvement I can think of is maybe one more teaching example in addition to the book.

James Moore
October 9, 2011

I really enjoyed your video! The use of transitions and animations made the video engaging and left me wanting to know more. I also liked how you fluently integrated both video and speech. Overall, this was very well made.

There were some moments when the sound was a little off. However, this could have been due to mic problems that you mentioned earlier. If there is time, it is a good idea to check all of the technology to make sure it is working before using it. I really liked all of the different video clips and how augmented reality is used, but I was wondering how practical augmented reality is. I mean, I have never heard of augmented reality until now and would like to know if and how this new technology is available for the average person (a lot of the technology seemed high-tech and designed for individuals with a high skill level in technology).

Julie Seifert
October 9, 2011

I liked how your broke the video up into different parts, and you gave a lot of good information in each section. Also, I thought the "styling" of the video was really good. For example, I liked the font you had, and I liked the different clips you had.

However, the audio was really distracting. I know you said that you had some problems with your mic, but it was really hard to listen to, and so that made it harder for me to take in the information. Also, even though I liked the different clips, they changed so quickly and were all so different, so it kind of interrupted the flow of the video.

Kai Kang
October 9, 2011

Great Video!! Especially love your choice of music which is coherent with the technology theme of the topic. You did a really great job finding all the short clips of video to explain different aspects of augmented reality. Among which, the part about use in the classroom really grasped my eyes as the illustrations are so vivid and comprehensible.

However, the flow of the video was undermined due to your mic. Sometimes I wish you could turn down the music a little bit when you were reading scripts. Other than that. it is a great video and i enjoyed so much to watch.

Brett Stelmaszek
October 8, 2011

The script for the video was spot on and was very well adapted to the images and videos that were playing in the background. Also, the constant movement of the presentation made it engaging and enjoyable to watch.

However, it seemed like all the videos were taken from somewhere else, and I'm not sure that's entirely adhering to copyright laws and such. Also, the video portions of the presentation are choppy. I'm not sure if this was an error in production or uploading it to youtube, but it could be distracting at some points.

Heather McNeill
October 8, 2011

This was great! I really enjoyed it, very informational. I liked the titles throughout each part of the video, they kept me aware of what was to be discussed next. I also liked the larger variety of examples provided. (Nice job with the UF football game!) It kept my attention rather well and showed me just how many areas of life involve augmented reality.

I understand you had mic trouble and had lost your voice, maybe the audio could have been turned down a bit. Sometimes it was over-powering. However I was able to hear you throughout. :) Also, are there other educational/classroom applications you could have discussed. I'm sure those interactive books are rather expensive and probably aren't widely used because of that.

Overall, great job! :)

Elise Mark
October 7, 2011

I really enjoyed your video! I thought it was professional and engaging. Specifically, I liked the constant visuals and examples of augmented reality while you were talking. I also liked the pace of the video, I didn't get bored or confused because it was too fast or slow. Obviously, it would have been better to have the mic pick you up more clearly because it was very muddled. Also, I would have liked to know if there was another way to provide augmented reality in the classroom without having those new books. Overall, I thought it was great!

Kevin Hixon
October 4, 2011

I really liked the variety of video that you included actually showing off the technology, this made it very easy to understand what the technology actually does. I also liked the fact that you used very common examples such as the lines of the football games to show how common this technology actually is.

The only things that I thought took away from the video was the audio. The music was a little distracting for me combined with all of the interesting things happening in the actual video. Maybe using the music at certain parts of the video would help to emphasize what you are actually saying. Also I know you said you were having problems with your mic but it was a little hard to understand you. If your voice was a little bit clearer I think it would be much easier to understand what you are saying.

Kathleen Sewell
October 3, 2011

This was a great video! I loved the variety of examples that you included, and the fact that you actually included examples. I feel like I would have been lost without these, so thank you. Also, I liked how you structured the information. The video was very easy to follow.

I didn't like that the video was smaller than the screen. This distracted me from the content. I also didn't like the text at the end of the video. It went too fast for me to read, and I don't know how it related to the video.

Emily Hole
October 3, 2011

I loved that the entire video consisted of video of augmented reality examples. Instead of including frames of background and text, the video kept moving with attention-grabbing clips with occasional text included in the video. I also liked the choice of background music. At times, I forgot it was playing, so it was not distracting to the overall presentation. I thought it added a nice quick-paced mood to keep up with the augmented reality.

I understand you were having trouble with your microphone, but it would have been nice if the speaker were more clear since that was the only method of information delivery. I also thought it would have been nice if the video took up the whole screen instead of being inset. It seemed as if it made the graphics unclear, and they were also sometimes choppy. Overall, I really liked this presentation.

Christen Downing
October 3, 2011

I like the intro music and title slide being in the block letters.
I thought the examples were really cool and liked seeing the football game and clip of a video game.

I disliked that it was hard to hear what she was saying, especially with the music in the background. It seemed like she was really close to the microphone or something.
I think it may be a good idea to add some worded slides in there to mix it up or change the music part way through.

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