Beloved Assignments

  1. Stylistic Prose Techniques
a. As you read, notice the stylistic techniques that the author uses in order to communicate more effectively and powerfully.
b. Examples of stylistic techniques are point of view, tone, diction, syntax, narrative pace, humor, satire, figurative language, imagery, irony, selection of detail, and many more.
c. Prepare a list of at least ten examples of powerful prose techniques.
d. Define the term in your own words, cite the example from the text, and provide a brief analysis of how the author uses the technique effectively.
e. Use the format as noted on the sample; it must be typed. Do not forget page numbers.
f. This assignment should not be longer than 2 pages.
2. Reader Response
a. After you finish reading each section, write a reader response/reaction to that section. Section breakdowns are as follows: pg. 1-124 (or wherever you are right now); pg. 124-199; pg. 200-275 (end of novel)
b. These responses should be typed.
c. Please do in the format suggested by the sample.
3. Prose Analysis
a. Choose one passage from the novel.
b. This passage should be several sentences long to get some feel or idea of the author’s style. This must be typed or photocopied (reduced to fit) on the “Prose Analysis Sheet.” Do not forget to use the page number.
c. In the analysis section of the “Prose Analysis Sheet,” write an analysis of the prose. Write about diction, imagery, syntax, choice of detail, figurative language, tone, and any other tools of the writer that you consider significant. Include what makes this passage memorable to you and what makes this passage representative of the author’s style.

Point Breakdown:
1. Stylistic Prose Techniques – 50%
2. Reader Response – 25%
3. Prose Analysis – 25%

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