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Biology is a first-year Biology course. Students will be studying life and life systems with a close look at Ecology, Cellular Biology, Human Physiology, and Evolution. The use of media and technology will allow students to work individually and independently to understand life’s processes, scientific inquiry, research methods, and scientific design and problem solving. For example, in the first unit of study, students will research a parcel of land that is for sale and be able to construct an Environmental Impact Statement after analyzing the affects of development on the ecosystem.


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The Open High School of Utah is a public charter online school designed to meet the needs of the 21st century student. Individualized instruction allows students to work at their pace. This online course, Biology, is a first-year course broken into parts A and B. This second half of the course (B) covers topics ranging from the protein synthesis, biotechnology, evolution, population and speciation, classification, plants, animals, ecosystems, and matter cycles. The units are made up of a nice variety of screencasts, video lectures, images, text, and interactive activities. Part B cumulates with a final project based on the book Flatland (1884) by E. A. Abbott. Much of the content is freely available and sharable under a Creative Commons license, however there are some materials, such as the study guides (on Google Docs) that appear to require permission to access. Despite not including formal, teacher-crafted feedback for students, this is quite a remarkable resource for independent learners. Be sure to check out the first half of the course (A) is you haven’t already: http://ocw.openhighschool.org/course/view.php?id=22

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