In this four-week unit, students explore biomes around the world and investigate further a specific biome and country within the biome they choose. The unit includes discovery activities to understand human population trends and statistics, natural resources and how they are used, common diseases and natural disasters in specific regions of the world, thermodynamics and home construction in different parts of the world, and biome characteristics. The culminating activity is a biome showcase; an opportunity for the students to present their work to adults and students in the class.


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Biome thermodynamics ecology



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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This four-week unit is targeted for an early high school biology or ecology program, although many of the activities can be easily adapted to work with middle school students. The overall unit is more research- and multimedia-based, but does incorporate some hands-on learning. This unit explores biomes and biome-specific housing from a variety of scientific perspectives. Students will learn about population trends, natural resources, commons diseases, natural disasters, thermodynamics and housing design, and other characteristics. The unit culminates in student projects focusing on each topic concentrated on a particular biome and a country within that biome. This unit provides clear teacher instructions, with a detailed scope and sequence. The external web links are excellent and the author thoughtfully included notes about how to best use these links. Student materials are provided, including notes, project guidelines and final rubric. This thoughtfully prepared unit is immediately useful in the biology classroom using inexpensive and readily available resources.
Christine Mytko
September 27, 2010
I really like how so many different aspects of biomes are explored. The learning experiences are much more developed than in the more "typical" biome units I have run across.
K Patterson
September 20, 2010
K Patterson
September 20, 2010

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