This was a semester-long project in which students tracked all of their interactions with money for one month using a checkbook register and then used that data to create a personal budget. After they created the budget, they "tested it" for 2 weeks to see if it was realistic for their lifestyle. They presented their budgets, findings and reflections at our school's roundtable presentations to other students, teachers, parents, and members of their community.


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This resource is an excellent project that helps students understand personal budgets. The packet includes clear directions, useful worksheets, and thoughtful reflection questions. The assignment has a series of activities that force students to identify short and long term goals, to track spending, and to present their findings with a culminating project. The project directions include specific dates and time frames that could easily be adapted to meet the needs of individual classrooms. While geared towards seniors in high school, the project could be used in a life skills class as well as part of a consumer economics unit.
Sharee Dickey
August 4, 2010
This is an application of "real-life" experience that I think all high school students should participate in. The unit is comprehensive and does a good job of covering the skills…
CJ Colorado
Thank-you! This was a great help to my students!

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