Project: Build A Million

How many of you remember the 100th day of school? Do you remember the project you created? How would that change if we added a zero to the end of 100 and made it 1000? How about a million?

Your task is to create a model of one million. In small groups of 3 or so, you will construct ______#____. These will be later combined with the class to create one million. Your group will need to be able to justify your process and model. These presentations/projects should include __#___ many vocabulary words.
Whole Class:

- Build 100 model & 1,000 model using graph paper or base ten blocks.

- How many 100s can you make out of one sheet of centimeter grid paper?

- Discuss the possibilities of how to build it up using powers of 10. What shape would a 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 look like? Would it be a square, rectangle, etc.?

- Once an agreed upon model is arrived at, how could the process be streamlined & extended so that the entire class could make a million? What technology do students or teachers have to make the process faster? Where will this be displayed?
Small Group:

Your group will need to determine the following:

- What is the best material to use? Will your group continue with graph paper or blocks? Is this a realistic choice?

- 2D or 3D?

- How will we display our ____#_____ so that it connects/can be combined with the rest of the class?

- What type of technology will we use to present our model & process (Popplet, Educreations, PowerPoint, etc.)?

EL Support:

- word bank & sentence frames

- Throughout the lessons, construct a word wall/anchor chart/mini book that consists of Tier 2 & 3 words, visual representations, and definitions.

- provide academic vocabulary

  • Active Participation boards (see file)
  • Sentence stems (see file)

Rubric & Assessment:

- Students will be provided with a rubric that will be completed by peer groups after they have presented their projects. Students will give input into rubric design. Final rubric elements TBD by classroom teacher.

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