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The contents of this file were developed as a continuum and this unit may take from five to nine weeks to complete depending upon the goals of the teacher and interests of the students. While some learning experiences may be used as stand-alone lessons, others build upon prior learning experiences. All materials for this unit must be obtained locally. This file should be used as a supplement to the Teachers' Manual.


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buoyancy sink float density mass displacement submerge



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SCI.5.2.B: Science

ask well-defined questions, formulate testable hypotheses, and select and use appropriate equipment and technology;

SCI.5.2.C: Science

collect information by detailed observations and accurate measuring;

SCI.5.2.D: Science

analyze and interpret information to construct reasonable explanations from direct (observable) and indirect (inferred) evidence;

SCI.5.2.F: Science

communicate valid conclusions in both written and verbal forms; and

SCI.5.2.G: Science

construct appropriate simple graphs, tables, maps, and charts using technology, including computers, to organize, examine, and evaluate information.

SCI.7.2.E: Science

analyze data to formulate reasonable explanations, communicate valid conclusions supported by the data, and predict trends.

SCI.7.3.A: Science

in all fields of science, analyze, evaluate, and critique scientific explanations by using empirical evidence, logical reasoning, and experimental and observational testing, including examining all sides of scientific evidence of those scientific explanations, so as to encourage critical thinking by the student;
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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