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A Business Startup Simulation.<p/> The activity supports the Entrepreneurship Content Standards/Performance Indicators as follows: <p>• A.06 Describe idea-generation methods, </p> <p>• A.11 Assess start-up requirements, </p> <p>• A.18 Describe processes used to acquire adequate financial resources for venture creation/start-up, </p> <p>• A.20 Explain factors to consider in determining a venture’s human-resource needs, </p> <p>• A.26 Evaluate risk-taking opportunities, </p> <p>• A.28 Describe the use of operating procedures, </p> <p>• C.04 Explain opportunities for creating added value, </p> <p>• D.01 Explain the nature of effective communications, </p> <p>• D.03 Use proper grammar and vocabulary, </p> <p>• D.05 Explain the nature of effective verbal communications, </p> <p>• D.06 Address people properly, </p> <p>• D.08 Make oral presentations, </p> <p>• D.11 Write informational messages, </p> <p>• D.14 Prepare simple written reports, </p> <p>• E.02 Apply basic commands of operating system software, </p> <p>• E.09 Use control panel components, </p> <p>• E.14 Communicate by computer, </p> <p>• F.02 Explain the factors of productions, </p> <p>• F.10 Describe cot/benefit analysis, </p> <p>• F.23 Assess factors affecting a business’ profit, </p> <p>• I.03 Estimate cash-flow needs, </p> <p>• I.04 Prepare estimated/projected balance sheet, </p> <p>• J. 01 Develop a personnel organizational plan, </p> <p>• K.01 Explain the nature of business records, </p> <p>• K.09 Demonstrate writing/publishing applications, </p> <p>• L.01 Explain methods to generate a product/service idea, </p> <p>• L.12 Explain the concept of market and market identification, </p> <p>• L.22 Describe the elements of the promotional mix, </p> <p>• L.34 Explain factors affecting pricing decisions, </p> <p>• M.05 Develop project plans, </p> <p>• O.06 Forecast income/sales, </p> <p>• O.08 Develop action plans, </p> <p>• O.09 Develop business plan</p><p/> <b><p>This resource is part of the <a href="http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Coll_Entrepreneurship1/EntrepreneurshipLearningActivities">Entrepreneurship Learning Activities</a> collection. </p></b></p>


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