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Butterflies and Blooms. The original, with the same name, was found on arkive.org through a curriki.org search used butterflies and plants native to the Northwoods region of Wisconsin. This is a life cycle lesson that shows the way species depend on each other. I extended the Power Point presentation and used species native to the Northern Nevada Sierra Mountain Region. I changed the study guide and lesson plan to be more appropriate for a first grade classroom. The original was for ages 7-11.


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This Curriki member took the original Wisconsin’s Northwoods (USA) middle school science resource (found at http://www.curriki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Coll_ARKive/ButterfliesandBlooms) and adapted the lesson both geographically (to better fit the Northern Nevada Sierra Mountain Region, USA region) and developmentally (to work in her first grade classroom.) The activity focuses on three plants and three butterflies, and allows for discussion on life cycles and species interdependence. The resulting product is a tagboard wheel that, when turned, shows each native plant matched with its appropriate butterfly. The lesson includes student handouts, a teacher lesson plan, and corresponding PowerPoint presentation. Overall, it’s a great lesson, yet one minor suggestion for improvement would be to include a picture of a finished wheel for teacher reference.

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