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This is a cross curriculum lesson that introduces the life cycle of the butterflies as well as allows students to learn about another culture. The lesson introduces students to the area in Mexico where the monarchs migrate for winter. Students are introduced to the region, physical characteristics of the area, and the people who live there.


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Environment ecology ecosystem bionetwork environmentalism conservationism



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Update Standards?

SCI.K-4.4.i: Science

follow safety procedures in the classroom, laboratory, and field

SCI.K-4.4.ii.a: Science

hand lens

SCI.K-4.4.ii.b: Science

ruler (metric)

SCI.K-4.4.ii.c: Science


SCI.K-4.4.ii.d: Science

gram weights

SCI.K-4.4.ii.e: Science

spring scale

SCI.K-4.4.ii.f: Science

thermometer (C°, F°)

SCI.K-4.4.ii.g: Science

measuring cups

SCI.K-4.4.ii.h: Science

graduated cylinder

SCI.K-4.4.ii.i: Science


SCI.K-4.4.iii: Science

develop an appreciation of and respect for all learning environments (classroom, laboratory, field, etc.)

SCI.K-4.4.iv: Science

manipulate materials thr ough teacher dir ection and fr ee discovery

SCI.K-4.4.v: Science

use information systems appr opriately

SCI.K-4.4.vi: Science

select appropriate standard and nonstandard measurement tools for measurement activities

SCI.K-4.4.vii: Science

estimate, find, and communicate measurements, using standard and nonstandard units

SCI.K-4.4.viii: Science

use and record appropriate units for measured or calculated values

SCI.K-4.4.ix: Science

order and sequence objects and/or events

SCI.K-4.4.x: Science

classify objects according to an established scheme

SCI.K-4.4.xi: Science

generate a scheme for classification

SCI.K-4.4.xii: Science

utilize senses optimally for making observations

SCI.K-4.4.xiii: Science

observe, analyze, and report observations of objects and events

SCI.K-4.4.xiv: Science

observe, identify, and communicate patterns

SCI.K-4.4.xv: Science

observe, identify, and communicate cause-and-effect relationships

SCI.K-4.4.xvi: Science

generate appropriate questions (teacher and student based) in response to observations, events, and other experiences

SCI.K-4.4.xvii: Science

observe, collect, organize, and appropriately record data, then accurately interpret results

SCI.K-4.4.xviii.a: Science

journal entries

SCI.K-4.4.xviii.b: Science

graphic representations

SCI.K-4.4.xviii.c: Science

drawings/pictorial representations

SCI.K-4.4.xix: Science

make predictions based on prior experiences and/or information

SCI.K-4.4.xx: Science

compare and contrast organisms/objects/events in the living and physical environments

SCI.K-4.4.xxi: Science

identify and control variables/factors

SCI.K-4.4.xxii: Science

plan, design, and implement a short-term and long-term investigation based on a student- or teacher-posed problem

SCI.K-4.4.xxiii: Science

communicate procedures and conclusions through oral and written presentations
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