This activity includes questions which are suggestions for classroom discussions, themes for student reports, and the foundation for classroom activities of all kinds related to entrepreneurship and the global marketplace. It challenges students to think of the skills and educational experiences that Americans may need to be successful entrepreneurs and productive workers in an ever-expanding global market.

The activity supports the Entrepreneurship Content Standards/Performance Indicators as follows:

• F.28 Explain the nature of international trade,

• F.29 Describe small-business opportunities in international trade,

• F.30 Determine the impact of cultural and social environments on world trade,

• F.32 Evaluation influences on a nation’s ability to trade,

• L.02 Generate product/service ideas,

• L.06 Plan product/service mix,

• L.09 Develop strategies to position product/service,

• L.15 Select target markets.

This resource is part of the Entrepreneurship Learning Activities collection.

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