Three dimensional models provide a basis for many interesting math, science, and design experiences. This card modeling unit provides a unique way for students to explore a variety of geometric concepts that reach out from the traditional two dimensional models typically used in instruction. This flexible system allows students to explore area, perimeter, and the properties and concepts of solid geometric shapes. It provides an opportunity to scale and compare the various sizes of planets within our solar system, and to make proportional comparisons of the distances between the planets in the solar system and the distances of objects here on Earth. More About CABOCES Welcome to the Math, Science, and Technology Department (MST) of Cattaraugus Allegany Board of Cooperative Educational Services (CA BOCES). As a department of Instructional Support Services (ISS), we provide Math, Science, and Technology kits along with support services to meet the needs of the individual districts in our area. The BOCES Teaching and Learning Center at Allegany provides hands-on math, science, and technology kits to over twenty area school districts in Cattaraugus and Allegany counties. Our department provides forty-three different varieties of kit topics. The kits cover topics in math, life science, physical science, chemistry, and earth science. Each kit contains a teacher's manual, student activity book, materials inventory list, instructional video, and materials needed to complete each learning experience. Each kit aligns with the New York State standards and prepares students for the New York State assessments. Contact Information BOCES Teaching & Learning Center @ Allegany Math, Science, Technology & Health Dept. 80 N Fourth St, Third Floor Allegany, NY 14706 Phone: (716)-376-8272; Fax: (716)-372-0621 http://www.caboces.org http://www.mstkits.org http://www.nyreal.org


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BOCES math area perimeter model geometry solar system proportion angles formulas



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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This is a wonderful unit that consists of eight different tiered activities for upper-elementary, middle school, and high school students. This well-designed unit provides organized lesson plans for the teachers, complete with focus questions, materials, step-by-step directions, and all student handouts. The lessons integrate geometry, measurement, science, and problem solving. Teachers can choose to use just one of the lessons or depending on time, incorporate all of them into their classrooms.

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