This activity sheet will be used for teaching a lesson on cause and effect. I used this lesson with my 3rd graders. I first taught them what cause (the thing that happens) and effect (the result) are. I then gave a few examples like:

  1. I forgot to set my alarm clock, so I was late to work.
2. My belly felt sick after I ate my whole bag of Halloween candy.

We talked about what the cause and effect in each sentence was. I then passed out the sheet. I introduced the book Rainbow Fish the Rescue (it may be beneficial to read the actual story Rainbow Fish previous to this book to help the children understand what is going on the the book) and told them that they would be looking for examples of cause and effect while I read. I would read a section of text and then go to the worksheet. I would have the students either read the cause or effect and they would turn and talk to their buddy about what they thought the cause or effect was (if the cause was on the sheet, they would come up with the effect and vice versa). We would fill in the answer on our sheets. The events on my sheet are in the order that they appear in the book. As a follow up activity, I would have them read another Marcus Pfister book like Penguin Pete and have them find examples of cause and effect.

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