After reading several stories of children who lived during the Holocaust, the students are to write a narrative from their perspective of how their life would have been like if they were a child of the Holocaust. They may choose to write it as an essay or as a journal entry. In their narrative they are to include; an account of their life before the Holocaust, what they endured during the Holocaust, their name, age, location in Europe, if and where they are hiding, a description of the Nazi`s and how they treated them, a description of their family and their family`s whereabouts during the Holocaust, actual dates from the Holocaust along with actual accounts of the Holocaust. While writing, they are also expected to pay close attention to their writing mechanics and grammar because their work will be graded and published in a class book. Through their writing, I will be able to assess if they understand the events of the Holocaust and how life was during the time period. The group work portion will be assessed by the notes they turn in. In order to assure each student in the group is reading along, they are expected to take notes on at least five different stories of a child during the Holocaust. These notes will be collected and turned in for a group participation grade.


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This resource offers an opportunity to be a detective in a creative way. Students do research using the internet, reach a well documented position and argue it. The question at hand is, who was William Shakespeare and did he author all the plays and poems that are attributed to him? This lesson guides students to work in groups, research several other noted poets and playwrights of the day, conclude who the real author of the works attributed to Shakespeare is and present the findings in a class discussion. A clear rubric for evaluation is provided.
Annays Mora
May 1, 2013
I think that the idea behind this lesson is a really good one. By requiring students to write their own account of what life would have been like during the…

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