Circle of Friends

Once upon a time, there were five best friends named Ann, Bobby, Corrine, Denisha, and Ethan who lived in the same neighborhood. This circle of friends went to the same school, they played at the same park after school, and they were even in the same karate class. One day one of the best friends decided to start smoking cigarettes and this friend wanted everyone in the circle of friends to start smoking too.

Some of the friends started smoking because they thought it made them look older and cool, but one friend never started at all. In fact, _______ wished that no one had started smoking. She knew that it was wrong to smoke and that people shouldn’t smoke just to feel cool or look older. She knew that even if there was someone that already smoked in her family, it still wasn’t a good thing to do.

She started talking to ______ who had been smoking for only a little while, and told her about some of the short-term consequences, which included smelly breath and nasty yellow teeth. She stopped smoking immediately because she didn’t want to ruin her pretty white smile. Recently, ______, who had only been smoking a little longer than the girl who didn’t want to ruin her smile, was having trouble keeping up in karate class. This friend could no longer finish the class without taking breaks to catch his breath. The friend that never smoked told him that he was having trouble breathing because he started smoking, so he stopped immediately. _______ ,who had been smoking almost the longest, realized that he didn’t look as handsome as he did before and he couldn’t even keep up in karate class anymore because it took too much energy for him to finish the class. Since he didn’t have enough energy to breathe, he wasn’t able to compete for his yellow belt. He felt awful, but the friend that never smoked told him that all he had to do was stop smoking. So he stopped and continued to practice for the next belt competition.

Finally, the karate tournament was coming up and everyone was prepared for it except_______, who had been smoking the longest and tried to get everyone else to smoke. Not only was she not able to practice because she couldn’t breathe, but she also didn’t have any money to buy her karate outfit for the tournament. She spent all of her money on cigarettes and didn’t have any money left. Ann, Bobby, Corrine, and Ethan were well prepared for the tournament. They looked healthy, had nice smiles, and wore new tournament clothes. As she looked at all of the rest of her friends, she knew that smoking wasn’t the smart or cool thing to do. She stopped that day and never smoked again.

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