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Algebra Linear Equations Graphing Linear Regression



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MA.7.7.PS.1: Mathematics

Use a variety of strategies to understand new mathematical content and to develop more efficient methods

MA.7.7.PS.2: Mathematics

Construct appropriate extensions to problem situations

MA.7.7.PS.3: Mathematics

Understand and demonstrate how written symbols represent mathematical ideas

MA.7.7.PS.4: Mathematics

Observe patterns and formulate generalizations

MA.7.7.PS.5: Mathematics

Make conjectures from generalizations

MA.7.7.PS.6: Mathematics

Represent problem situations verbally, numerically, algebraically, and graphically

MA.7.7.PS.7: Mathematics

Understand that there is no one right way to solve mathematical problems but that different methods have advantages and disadvantages

MA.7.7.PS.8: Mathematics

Understand how to break a complex problem into simpler parts or use a similar problem type to solve a problem

MA.7.7.PS.9: Mathematics

Work backwards from a solution

MA.7.7.PS.10: Mathematics

Use proportionality to model problems

MA.7.7.PS.11: Mathematics

Work in collaboration with others to solve problems

MA.7.7.PS.12: Mathematics

Interpret solutions within the given constraints of a problem

MA.7.7.PS.13: Mathematics

Set expectations and limits for possible solutions

MA.7.7.PS.14: Mathematics

Determine information required to solve the problem

MA.7.7.PS.15: Mathematics

Choose methods for obtaining required information

MA.7.7.PS.16: Mathematics

Justify solution methods through logical argument

MA.7.7.PS.17: Mathematics

Evaluate the efficiency of different representations of a problem
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