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Students will work in groups to plan and shoot their Claymation shorts. They will be required to produce a storyboard that includes a theme, setting and some characters (only one or two) to animate. For some background on Claymation (reg. tm), please refer to the sites included in the resources section of the Lesson plan. As a preparatory activity the teacher could spend a portion of a class watching Wallace and Gromit and/or Chicken Run for examples of Claymation.


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Ms.G The Original
August 6, 2011

Great lesson.
I just wanted to mention that this could be done with LEGO pieces instead of clay. To show examples, there are TONS of homemade LEGO animations on the net. Star Wars reenactments seem to be especially popular (go figure).
Also wanted to mention that there is a module in the Pitsco "Synergy" lab system that is very similar to this, and uses the bendable Gumby figurines. Not sure where the idea originated, but apparently it's catching on.

Eric Scholer
July 24, 2009

This is a very beneficial resource that can be used in any class to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject using an alternate means of assessment.

This is a very practical application that can be used in any class. It could be used as a class competition or to demonstrate mastery. It seems to have the ability to be tailored to any content area.

The nortellearnit.org site was also beneficial and can be a great resource to give students the background knowledge they need in order to participate in this assignment if they don't have any previous experience in editing videos.

The link to the Gumby site and the rubric document do not work. The rubric can be found at the nortel site listed above. Also, the storyboard resources are restricted due to not having certain rights.

A suggestion for the lesson plan is to include a link to a video tutorial that shows how create a claymation video. Also, the use of a tripod would help to improve the quality of the videos.

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