This is a comic-page template that I use when working with a novel. I have used it with "Of Mice and Men" as well as "To Kill a Mockingbird". I make packets for the students that include one template per chapter. The assignment is to then create a comic-representation of each chapter as we read them. The requirements are: Dialogue in at least three of the panels 2. All six panels must be filled 3. Captions must be used that explain what is being portrayed in the panel 4. All panels must be colored and "inked" (gone over or at least generally outlined with black pen) 5. The template must cover the entire chapter, beginning to end and hit the "high" points in sequence Note - I do not grade stringently on teh quality of art, since not all students are artists.


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This is a very basic template of six panels to write a comic strip that summarizes a story. While the six squares are simple, the creation of a comic strip that sequentially recaptures the chapter in a story is a good idea. This could also be used to remember events in a film, read-aloud story, etc.

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