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For this activity, students develop an investigation to measure the amounts of ground level ozone present in an area and which equipment to use to measure it. Once data has been collected, they will access the AIRNow web site to obtain near real-time data for their area (if available) and make comparisons between the data they collected and the AirNow data.


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  • Grade 6
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  • Grade 8


ozone air quality experimental design



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SCI.8.2.A: Science

plan and implement comparative and descriptive investigations by making observations, asking well-defined questions, and using appropriate equipment and technology;
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On a scale of 0 to 3

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This 2-page graphic organizer walks students through the steps of a scientific experiment, from supported hypothesis, through independent and dependent variables, and concluding with next steps and new questions. Suitable for middle school and older students, this organizer provides clear structure to help student manage all parts of the investigation and analysis.

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