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This is a DHTML / Javascript implementation of the game of life. Taken verbatim from http://bendiken.net/2006/02/26/game-of-life-in-javascript The best-known two-dimensional cellular automaton, invented by John H. Conway and popularized in Martin Gardner's Scientific American column starting in October 1970. Life, sometimes also called "the game of life," was originally played (i.e., successive generations were produced) by hand with counters, but implementation on a computer greatly increased the ease of exploring patterns. The life cellular automaton is run by placing a number of filled cells on a two-dimensional grid. Each generation then switches cells on or off depending on the state of the cells that surround it. The rules are defined as follows. All eight of the cells surrounding the current one are checked to see if they are on or not. Any cells that are on are counted, and this count is then used to determine what will happen to the current cell. Death: if the count is less than 2 or greater than 3, the current cell is switched off. 2. Survival: if (a) the count is exactly 2, or (b) the count is exactly 3 and the current cell is on, the current cell is left unchanged. 3. Birth: if the current cell is off and the count is exactly 3, the current cell is switched on. Read more here to learn about the history, rules and shapes in the game of life.


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