Hands-on Waves, Sound, and Light lab work, experiments, and class activities.


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waveforms measures of a wave interference reflection standing waves refraction diffraction Doppler shift bow/shock waves sound transmission wave speed loudness and pitch resonance beats electromagnetic spectrum speed of light luminous bodies transparent materials color pigments shadows polarization mirrors images lenses and the eyeball



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SCI.9-10.1.B: Science

demonstrate an understanding of the use and conservation of resources and the proper disposal or recycling of materials.
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On a scale of 0 to 3

This resource was reviewed using the Curriki Review rubric and received an overall Curriki Review System rating of 3, as of 2012-07-06.

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This resource provides learners with comprehensive instructions for dissecting a cow eye. Both the instructional handout and the video primer come from the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco, California, and would be appropriate for students in late elementary, middle, or high school classrooms. The instructions are clearly written and each step is illustrated. The companion website includes diagrams and a wonderful video primer which further narrates and demonstrates each of the 13 steps in short 30 – 60 second segments. Although there is no assessment included, this resource is ready for immediate use in the classroom or would provide excellent professional development for educators looking to incorporate a cow eye dissection into their teaching.

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