Nontraditional Occupations (NTO) are careers that employ 25% of less of one gender. Predictions for the job market over the next ten years suggest that NTO's will grow and dominate the market. This translates to a demand for individuals who have the talents and skills required to fill these jobs. For women, these jobs offer higher wages than most jobs dominated by females. For men the health sciences will offer the hig-wage, fast growing careers. Students pursuing careers in nontraditional occupations require encouragement and support to sustain their effotrs to break through the barriers they will face in their "new" environment. Focus of this presentation will include steps to planning events that will create awareness of NTO's and to encourage students to participate in NTO programs. Five planning areas will be showcased: Speakers - sharing their stories; Support Groups - creating a safe environment to discuss issues and concerns; Fieldtrips and Job Shadowing - checking out the real environment - a day in the life of. . .; and Leadership and Mentorship Training - the key to success. Step-by-Step guides will be used to allow participants to create successful events independently after they leave the workshop.


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