The Creating Career Bytes Toolkit takes you step-by-step through a Career Bytes project--student produced short video interviews with professionals that showcase how they reached their career goals. Career Bytes projects encourage the kids who create and view the videos to explore technology-related careers and provide engaging video interview and video technology experience. <p/> Discover <a href="http://nortellearnit.org/rawmedia_repository/d2275802_c4de_4ab2_bf31_5885119110b0">How to Use Career Bytes with Your Students</a>, then view the <a href="http://nortellearnit.org/rawmedia_repository/0ace1406_8a1b_42a3_91c2_57b968508d5c">Career Bytes Step-by-step Overview</a>. To get your project going, explore our <a href="http://nortellearnit.org/careerbyteslearning/<!-- EXTERNAL EMBED --> <div class="warningmessage"><span class="messagetype">Warning: </span>The Video URL you entered does not match any of the video websites supported by this macro. <br /> Please check the address you entered or improve the macro to make it support this website :-&#41;</div> ">video resource section</a> that shows the why's and hows of Career Bytes (in student-produced videos) and offers a link to all Career Bytes videos; map your Career Bytes success using the <a href="http://nortellearnit.org/careerbyteslearning/#blueprint">blueprint guides</a> for creating Career Bytes; and use the practical tools organized by <a href="http://nortellearnit.org/careerbyteslearning/#stage">production stage</a>. Career Bytes interviews can encompass the whole of a learning curriculum with interviews appropriate with persons in all disciplines, including arts, technical and technology fields, education, engineering, entertainment, health, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, languages and linguistics, and more. <p/> The Career Bytes material is an integral part of the Nortel LearniT offerings. The interview videos directly link to the Nortel LearniT curriculum and profile various professionals discussing how they became successful, their challenges and interests, and how technology impacts their daily work. Career Bytes connects classroom learning with real-world experiences and provides a free, entertaining and valuable tool for high school students to explore and plan for future opportunities.


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