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In this, the fifth and last section of the course, the topics include:Applications of integrals.• Appropriate integrals are used in a variety of applications to model physical, biological, or economic situations.  Although only a sampling of applications can be included in any specific course, students should be able to adapt their knowledge and techniques to solve other similar application problems. Whatever applications are chosen, the emphasis is on using the method of setting up an approximating Riemann sum and representing its limit as a definite integral.  To provide a common foundation, specific applications should include finding the area of a region, the volume of a solid with known cross sections, the average value of a function, the distance traveled by a particle along a line, and accumulated change from a rate of change.Applications of antidifferentiation• Finding specific antiderivatives using initial conditions, including applications to motion along a line.• Solving separable differential equations and using them in modeling (including the study of the equation y’ =?ky and exponential growth).


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