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In this, the first of the five major categories of this course, the topics covered include:Limits of functions (including one-sided limits) • An intuitive understanding of the limiting process.• Calculating limits using algebra.• Estimating limits from graphs or tables of data.Asymptotic and unbounded behavior• Understanding asymptotes in terms of graphical behavior.• Describing asymptotic behavior in terms of limits involving infinity.• Comparing relative magnitudes of functions and their rates of change (for example,contrasting exponential growth, polynomial growth, and logarithmic growth).Continuity as a property of functions • An intuitive understanding of continuity.  (The function values can be made as close as desired by taking sufficiently close values of the domain.)• Understanding continuity in terms of limits.• Geometric understanding of graphs of continuous functions (IntermediateValue Theorem and Extreme Value Theorem).


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Curriki Calculus
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