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Includes rubric and sample literary analysis paragraph ("Delve In Paragraph") for Death of a Salesman. This resource is part of the Death of a Salesman: Drama Unit collection.


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LA.9-12.R.1: English Language Arts

Identify the purpose for reading

LA.9-12.R.2: English Language Arts

Adjust the reading rate according to the purpose for reading

LA.9-12.R.9: English Language Arts

Use strategies such as discussing with others, reading guides and summaries, and reading aloud to assist in comprehension

LA.9-12.W.1: English Language Arts

Understand the purpose for writing; the purpose may be to explain, describe, narrate, persuade, or express feelings

LA.9-12.W.4: English Language Arts

Use prewriting activities (e.g., brainstorming, freewriting, note taking, outlining, and paragraphing)

LA.9-12.W.5: English Language Arts

Use the writing process (e.g., prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and editing)

LA.9-12.W.6: English Language Arts

Write clear, concise sentences

LA.9-12.W.7.a: English Language Arts

punctuation of simple and compound sentences, dialogue, titles of articles

LA.9-12.W.7.b: English Language Arts

capitalization of words such as proper adjectives, titles of persons, and words in quotes

LA.9-12.W.7.c: English Language Arts

spelling of commonly misspelled words, homonyms, content-area vocabulary

LA.9-12.W.8.a: English Language Arts

parts of speech, such as nouns; adjectives and adverbs (comparative/superlative); pronouns (indefinite/nominative/objective); conjunctions (coordinating/subordinating); prepositions and prepositional phrases; interjections; and conjunctions to connect ideas

LA.9-12.W.8.b: English Language Arts

complete simple, compound, and complex sentences of varied structure containing dependent clauses and using correct subject-verb agreement, correct verb tense, and pronouns with clear antecedents

LA.9-12.W.10: English Language Arts

Use an organizational format that provides direction, coherence, and/or unity
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Kevin Finucan
May 6, 2012

Love the lesson, and the specifics of the paragraph writing helps focus the kids. Thanks so much!
Kevin 10th grade LA

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