In 2000, the United Nations initiated a worldwide effort to improve conditions for all people on the earth by the year 2015. As the umbrella for the program, The Millennium Campaign was created to inform, inspire and encourage people's involvement and action for the realization of eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG) that the Campaign enumerated. Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty 2. Achieve universal primary education 3. Promote gender equality and empower women 4. Reduce child mortality 5. Improve maternal health 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases 7. Ensure environmental sustainability 8. Develop global partnership for development. One of the projects that has evolved as part of the Millennium Campaign is Tapestry, a digital storytelling initiative designed to give young leaders a way of describing their activities in support of the MDG. The project, supported by Sun Microsystems and Curriki, provided technology and instruction to youths from 13 different countries and asked them to create digital stories that highlight issues pertinent to the eight goals. These digital stories, featured content on Curriki, can be used to create a learning experience around the topic covered. You can also use them of examples of how story creation is a way to inform and engage others around specific issues. Visit the UN youth Summit Web Page


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This collection of digital videos has two powerful personal stories that emphasize the values of education, community, and peace. The videos were created as part of the Millenium Campaign which is helping to improve conditions for all people on earth (see the information tab for more background on the project). Each digital story has engaging images, interesting narration, and the option of subtitles. Although there is no pedagogy provided, the videos could be integrated into the classroom in a variety of ways. For example, the first video on the value of education could be used to inspire students to seek out educational opportunities in their communities or the second video that focuses on stopping the spread and glorification of weapons could be used as an example for students to pick their own causes and then create digital stories to share information about the issue. Please be aware that the audio on the second video did not play throughout the entire story, but the text is provided if you encounter technical difficulties.

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