Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, Racial Justice, and the Law,Check out this article that looks at a legal analysis of discipline disparities: http://bit.ly/1ooe2t8"Although every district is unique, the data described below suggests that prong one of the legal analysis, whether a neutral policy or practice has a racially disparate negative impact, would often be met. Next, prong two of the analysis, whether the policy or practice of suspending children is educationally necessary, is explored. Finally, in accord with the third prong of the legal framework, the research presented suggests that there may be equally effective and less discriminatory alternatives to frequent reliance on out-of-school suspensions. Together, the research presented raises Title VI regulatory compliance questions for school districts with large disparities in rates of out-of-school suspension that have not explored alternatives. Equally important, the research raises serious policy concerns about the frequent use of suspensions and suggests there are benefits to pursuing a range of viable alternatives to ensuring safe and effective educational environments."Vernellia R. RandallEmeritus Professor of LawUniversity of DaytonRace, Racism and the Lawhttp://racism.org No Democrats! No Republicans! Go Green! Go Socialist Democratic Party!Life in a Post-racial America. Ain't it Grand!A rising tide lifts all boats, sinks all rafts and drowns the people treading water!


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