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Through the use of five lessons, “Starsuckers” delves into our media obsessed lives, from the indoctrination stage in the beginning years, to media addiction later on in life. By exposing the underhanded manipulation that drives the industry, the film’s directors uncover Hollywood’s dark side. Clip for our discussion at 1:19 through 1:23:22.


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Learning Object American Culture Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity Elizabeth Currid-Halkett



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Liz Raasch
June 10, 2011

I found this learning object to be interesting and informative. The way the ex-celebrities described their foray into politics was eye-opening. I find that we can draw some parallels between their tendencies and the tendencies of some of our own celebrities. I can see an effective lesson hook emerging from this clip as students could brainstorm celebrities who have taken the politics path and how our perception of them and their policies evolved over time. This was a great find, ladies!

Steven Johnson
June 9, 2011

First and foremost I thought that this was an incredibly purposeful selection for a teaching object, that in more than one instance helped me to decipher the deeper foundations, concepts, and personas yielded in the description of celebrity. As I was reading I was only able to make basic connections to the concepts of celebrity because I am somewhat disconnected with “Hollywood Celebrities” and their affairs as a result of personal choice. But, after having observed and analyzed the content in this video I was able to overcome my ignorance and developed a wider acquaintance and broader outlook on the part of celebrity and the idea of being “Starstruck.” Great object full of very insightful, thought provoking, and engaging material.

Jillian Kistler
June 9, 2011

This documentary is a great choice for a learning object. It addresses the many aspects of the public's obsession with celebrities. I especially enjoyed the clips where people were being filmed and did not know it, and in the meantime they were just gush secrets and little tidbits of interesting knowledge. This resource definitely explains well all the different aspects of our addiction to fame and how we can be fed this nonsense 24 hours a day. Now to improve on this documentary I would only show parts of it that directly pertained to the lesson or lessons on the media, celebrities, and the public's fame addiction, versus showing all of the the documentary. The second thing I would like to see is a documentary from an American perspective and less European players. I think that would make a large impact on students and it would make the content that much more relevant.

Tully Clark
June 8, 2011

This is a really cool resource. I really like how it specifically addresses how children are affected by a society's focus on celebrity and goes into the psychological reasons that people are drawn to celebrity/what kind of influence this can have on us. Those were both things that I wish the book had focused on more. As I read, I kept asking but why are we attracted to fame? And this resource does a good job of explaining that. I think that this could be easily integrated into a classroom setting, using clips of the documentary to supplement a class discussion on the effect of celebrity.

Elizabeth Washington
June 7, 2011

I am so glad to learn of this resource!

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