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On a scale of 0 to 3

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Bhakti lata Roberto
October 23, 2011

Loved the dialogue - the format of compare and contrast was perfect!!! I learned so much and actually felt interested the whole time to know more.

I'm sure everyone's saying this - video quality was a little funky, and maybe more integration of other angles or text overlay.

Kai Kang
October 16, 2011

Lovely video! I especially love your creative idea of impersonating books and kindle on presenting the topic, and it is very engaging. I also like how you use little props throughout the video to make it more entertaining. Also, the music is very cute.

One thing to make this video better is to improve the quality of the image, I also like to see more concrete example of how to use ereader to do specific things such as highlighting a text or downloading resources from webs.

James Moore
October 16, 2011

I really enjoyed your video! Using a plot similar to the PC vs. Mac was not only engaging but a great way to show the differences and benefits of using an e-reader. Your
enthusiasm really helped in conveying the information in an aesthetically pleasing way.

I did find the background to be rather distracting at times. I think using a less busy or
more neutral background would not be so distracting. I did notice that some of the
character monologues were choppy in places and made following hard at times.

Kevin Hixon
October 15, 2011

I really liked the way that you used the Mac vs Pc commercials as inspiration, it really made the video seem very original and unique. The dialogue was great as it presented all the information and added bits of humor to keep things interesting.

The thing that annoyed me the most was the constant restarting of the same music clip at the beginning of every new segment. Maybe only using it in the intervals between segments or playing it less often would help with that. The idea was great but it never showed an actual e-reader working or how students use it. I feel this might have been a nice touch to actually demonstrate its uses and break up the video make the video a bit more interesting.

Brett Stelmaszek
October 15, 2011

The video was engaging and was cultural relevant (Mac v. PC) which should help students to desire to pay attention to the video. Also, the video touched on all the reasons why e-readers should be chosen over a book, which was helpful.

The dialogue was choppy and hesitant at some points, which makes it feel like you weren't prepared for your roles. Also, the video would have been better with more demonstrations of what an e-reader can do rather than just talking about it.

Emily Hole
October 15, 2011

This video was very entertaining to watch! I loved your use of the Mac/PC commercials music throughout the video. It created unity across the length of the presentation. I also liked your dialogue a lot. It was easy to follow along with, and you both did a great job playing your book/e-reader roles.

The only two negative things I can say are that the video quality was a little low and the background could have been a bit more uniform. For the backdrop, it might have been nice if you had hung up a solid-colored sheet or something to mimic the style of the commercials you were imitating.

Elise Mark
October 15, 2011

Great video! Your concept was cute and entertaining. I enjoyed listening to the conversation and seeing the comparison between the book and the E-reader. I also liked that you gave all the information without using the specific questions that were given.

Some things you could improve were the quality of the video. I would have liked to see you more clearly and maybe a little closer up too. Also, it didn't happen very often, but sometimes I didn't understand what you were saying.

Heather McNeill
October 15, 2011

Great job! It was very informational, I learned stuff I didn't know about E-readers, for example that you can view magazines with it and that it has a built in dictionary.
The Mac vs. PC design was cute, it kept me entertained and compared the similarities and differences between the two very well.

About half way through I got somewhat tired of the skit starting over with each new topic, while you did it to answer many questions, maybe you could have answered more questions per clip instead of breaking it up so much. Also, the video seemed a bit fuzzy but I'm not to sure what you could have done about that.
Overall - Nice job! :) I liked it.

Christen Downing
October 12, 2011

I really liked the comparison between the E Reader and book. Clever idea!
I also thought the content was informative and was presented in a very logical way and it flowed nicely.

I thought it would have been better to include screen shots of the E Reader perhaps showing the dictionary or some other aspect.
Also, the video was a little blurry, but you probably couldn't help that too much.

Daniela Alvarado
October 9, 2011

I loved the whole dialogue between the book and the Ereader, original and cute. The whole video was very informational, i think you guys answered all the questions on the Ereaders.
The quality of the video was a little blurry.

Angelica Domenech
October 9, 2011

I really liked how they made it a dialogue between two people, or the book and the kindle. I also liked the use of humor as they described the various benefits of a kindle over a book.

The video quality could have been a little more clear. It also seemed like she was reading notes off the back of the kindle throughout the video.

Monica Gonzalez
October 9, 2011

I thought the idea was very original and so cute! The way you presented the information was really unique and used situations we actually deal with in order to explain the benefits of the e-reader.

The only problems i really found was that it looked like you were reading from a script and the video was a little blurry. Also, changing the format of the dialogue might keep things more interesting.

Yarelis Serrano
October 9, 2011

I like that you guys were very enthusiastic, because that makes me feel like I want to be part of that presentation, and that I want to hear what you want to say. I like the comparison with the book you made, and the way you made it; it helps me understand and decide which one would be better and more beneficial to my reading experience.

The video image was a little blurry; I think that perhaps trying it out before making the final draft to see how it looks would have been good, and if you guys did so, then maybe find another camera to shoot the video with (it could have also been the video editing program). Sometimes you seemed hesitant to present the information, as if you were scared that the information was going to be wrong; be confident, you know it! by being confident it makes us feel like secure on what you are presenting to us.

Isabella Jebian
October 9, 2011

This was very cute! I liked the comparison with e-reader to book and through the skit you were still able to get all the information across.

The song was just getting a little annoying in the background (but that's just the song). Maybe incorporating other images or usage of the e-readers to sort of give breaks from the skit's scene.

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